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Fixed silo uploaded (Was: something wierd about silo...)

Jules Bean <jmlb2@hermes.cam.ac.uk> writes:

> On 25 Feb 1999, Adam Di Carlo wrote:

> > Can someone fix this?  Maybe we need to submit a bug against
> > ftp.debian.org or something.

> I have just done exactly that.

I'm uploading a silo NMU to fix a (unfiled) critical bug.  Namely,
that silo won't boot CDs on many systems (particularly Sun4m).  The
issue is the kernel overwriting the RAM disk (not the kernel
executable, but the kernel overwrites the RAM disk while it's
initializing memory management) - solution is to give the kernel a
little more headroom.  (It had about 1MB of space between the end of
the kernel and the RAM disk, but apparently that wasn't enough.)

Eric - the patched silo does not have to go onto the boot floppies,
but it is essential that it is used for making CDROMs (in particular
the "second.b" file from the patched version must be used).

The patched version has been tested on a Sparc10, Sparc20, and Sparc2.
The patch only affects the loading of the initial ramdisk by SILO
(cdrom boots) - it doesn't affect RAM disks loaded by the kernel
(floppy boots) or RAM disks in tftpboot images.

Also, the new package is properly split into original source and a
diff file.


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