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Re: Good sparc system? - Cont

>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Mintha <jim@ic.uva.nl> writes:

Jim> Certainly not a speed demon but if you like playing around with Sun
Jim> machines it is a nice machine to play with.  The simms need to be
Jim> parity but otherwise are normal ones.  It will take 64MB total (4
Jim> slots 4MB or 16MB simms) and is about the speed of a 486.  Ans yes is
Jim> comes with a built in monitor (mono I believe)  I don't know what
Jim> shipping is with ebay, but I would buy one for $30-50 just for the fun
Jim> of it.

That's the beast I'm currently playing with (28MB RAM). Quite slow by
today's standards, but quite useable with Debian. I really love this
mono monitor (although X is still quite unstable). It is about the
speed of a 486/DX33 (2.2.1 kernel takes about a hundred minutes to

Be aware that 16MB parity-FPM simms are quite hard to find today (no
EDO !). You may pay as much for the memory as you'd pay for the

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