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slink release

Hello dear sparc developers,

  it appears that slink will be released in one week or so.  Are we ready to
release our sparc port or do we have to wait for potato ?

I almost finished the bootdisks including 2.2.1 kernel support for sun4[cdm] &
sun4u.  I commited my changes to the CVS tree of boot-floppies package
yesterday evening and I will upload a new set of bootdisks soon (in 1 or 2
days I hope).

I've just uploaded new sparc-utils package which now provide tilo (required to
build the bootdisks).

I'm in the progress of recompiling libc 5.3.12 to fix the missing source
package problem (source package is now named libc-sparc).

What else to be done before the release ?

- X11: what is the status of X packages ?
- kernel-image 2.2.1 for both sun4[cdm] & sun4u should be uploaded to slink
  (along with kernel-source-2.2.1 & kernel-patch...).
- a new kernel-image 2.0.35 should also be uploaded (missing CDROM support,
  ...).  I compiled the one I use in my bootdisks; could I upload it as is?
- bootable CDROM (I don't have time to burn it, sorry).


PS: should I upgrade the kernel headers included in the libc5 package to
    2.0.35 (it is 2.0.33 actually) ?

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