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Re: Gnome 0.99.4 packages

Jules Bean <jmlb2@hermes.cam.ac.uk> writes:

> On 12 Feb 1999, Steve Dunham wrote:

> > The version of balsa in slink is made for a different version of gtk,
> > so I left it out.  (The MDI stuff and a few other things are
> > different.)

> > Same story for the gnome-games (the ones in slink are ancient and
> > won't compile against the new libgtk).

> Yup.  These are all out-of-date, and will no longer compile.

I've now put a newer balsa package (with source) on my ftp site.  It
looks very nice (especially with the aforementioned thin-ice theme).

I'm going to wait a while before uploading this stuff to potato for
fear of destroying slink.  (Much of the stuff in slink is symlinked to
sid and potato/main/sparc/binary-sparc is also symlinked to sid...)
So if I uploaded the wrong package to potato it would delete packages
in slink.


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