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Re: sparc hardware added to boot-floppies Installation Manual

On 02 Feb 1999 19:34:37 -0500, Steve Dunham <dunham@cse.msu.edu> said:
> : Debian 2.1 supports four architectures: Intel x86-based
> architectures; : Motorola 680x0 machines such as Atari, Amiga, and
> Macintoshes; DEC : Alpha machines, and SPARC machines. These are
> referred to as i386, : m68k, and alpha, respectively.

> That last line should read:

>   m68k, alpha, and sparc, respectively.

Wierd, that's how it reads in my copy.

>> Make me happy, patch the SGML sources:

>> http://www.debian.org/~aph/boot-floppies/source/

>> But comments in any form accepted.

>> Still to do are nfsroot, tftp/rarp booting, silo, etc etc etc.

> There are still some yet to be determined details.  We will have
> UltraSparc support in slink, but I don't know if the floppies will
> work on those architectures.  I'm having little luck with floppies.
> I can't get anything to boot in the Ultras - not even the
> UltraPenguin image.

Well, AFAIK, sparc64 is a separate arch, isn't it? I thought it was,
and that sparc but not sparc64 was releasing slink.

I must be confused?

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