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Gneral compile questions

Hello all,
	A few comments from a newer sparc user. I have been messing with  the
i386 version of Linux for about 3 years now, so I am not without a clue
but am relatively in the dark about sparc-specific things. So far I have
slink running on a IPX. X windows is working and it looks pretty good. I
have been having more trouble configuring the system than I expected due
mostly to the differance in the .rc files ( dont throw things at me but
I come from a slackware background) 

	Now to the actualy question, I compiled a new kernel ( iso9660 support
was left out of the kernel I installed making it interesting to get my
cdrom configured ) I grabbed the source from the debian.org ftp site (
2.1.125 ) as it was the latest that dselect listed. A couple of problems
cropped up mostly due to my ignorance. One the "targets" for make are
NOT familiar to me at all and not documented in the README included with
the source. not being particulary C literate I scanned the makefile and
makefile.rules looking for something I recognized as make zImage make
bzImage make zsilo  ( and a few others I tried in desperation ) didn't
work. I finally settled on BOOT. After a few attempts ( make xconfig is
broken, there are many variables you can not define ) I was able to
compile a kernel.  I then took a guess at a silo stanza and let er rip.
I get this error  "esp0: warning live target 0 not responding to
selection " this occurs just after the scsi is initialized. i thought
this might be occuring because I put my sources on a second disk ( mini
hd's in this machine so I put big stuff on the external )  ( yes I set
the links in /usr/src/include  to point to my  source ) . 
I thought maybe "RDEV"  would fix the problem.. only to find out rdev is
not on my system ....... any Idea's what I have over looked ? 

In all I guess I am saying .. Looks Real good, thank you for giving my
old sparc new life ... but I am not having a lot of luck with the Docs.

Thank for taking the time to read this

Dan Urbach

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