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Re: Aurora serial cards

On Thu, 21 Jan 1999, Daniel Urbach wrote:

> 	One other issue, Can I add a SCSI cdrom to  this setup ? I  know it
> would have to be external as there is but a single internal bay in the
> IPX but I have heard rumors that the SUN cdrom's require a special boot
> parm ? would I be able to use any old SCSI cdrom and just not be able to
> boot from it ? 

The only requirement for booting from an external SCSI CD-ROM (that I'm
aware of, of course) is that the drive must support 512-byte sectors.  If
you don't plan to boot from it, any SCSI CD-ROM will do the trick.  Every
Plextor drive I've seen, by the way, supports 512-byte sectors - I suspect
most decent SCSI CD-ROMs do.


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