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Re: Good sparc system? - Cont

On Mon, Feb 01, 1999 at 11:35:44PM -0500, Chris Hoover wrote:
> How about the ELC?  There are a couple on the ebay.com auction block. 
> One is $30.00 with 0mem and 0hd.  It appears that it should be supported
> in s/linux.  And if I understand the specs I read, it takes standard
> 72pin simms (like those in my pc), correct.  Also, they come with a
> built in monitor - right?
> Anyway, how does it function, and is it worth messing with.

Certainly not a speed demon but if you like playing around with Sun
machines it is a nice machine to play with.  The simms need to be
parity but otherwise are normal ones.  It will take 64MB total (4
slots 4MB or 16MB simms) and is about the speed of a 486.  Ans yes is
comes with a built in monitor (mono I believe)  I don't know what
shipping is with ebay, but I would buy one for $30-50 just for the fun
of it.


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