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Re: Silo

Steve McIntyre <stevem@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:

> Ah! OK, that was the last file that I missed out of the .deb. From now on
> I'm not going to list files explicitly - the .deb will get *.

> >Also, I was having some weird problems because I was setting the
> >TMPDIR environment variable.  Apparently this causes "dpkg-deb" to
> >break.  (This could be a libc6_2.1 issue.)  I changed the variable
> >name to TDIR in my copy of slink_cd.

> Hmmm, OK... That does sound weird. If it makes life easier I can easily
> change that upstream too...

The error, from dpkg-deb, was something along the lines of "Can't make
temporary file: invalid filename".

Ok, with "master" installed I'm getting:

  Total extents scheduled to be written = 280038

That's 547MB.
The second disk is 394MB.

(BTW, CDRW is a life-saver for testing these things.)

I'm going to move the image over to an intel machine and test
intelsilo on it.


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