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Re: slink release (and status discussion)

Christian Meder <meder@isr.uni-stuttgart.de> writes:

> Kernel(s):
> > - kernel-image 2.2.1 for both sun4[cdm] & sun4u should be uploaded to slink
> >   (along with kernel-source-2.2.1 & kernel-patch...).

> Ben Collins packaged Davem's 2.2.x sparc patch and you compiled your
> images for the boot floppies. That makes two perfect candidates for
> doing the upload ;-)

Those images were not generated with the packages in Slink, but with a
seperate source package that I never uploaded because it was sparc
specific.  It's not possible to get an "official" package to generate
an Ultra kernel because kpkg-make is not flexible enough.

Ok, my plan is to make a kernel-source-sparc-2.2.1 package that only
generates the two kernel-image packages.  It will suffice as an
interim measure.  Any objections (e.g. volunteers to do it
differently) should speak now.

The images will be available tomorrow after the build finishes and I
can test them.

> > - bootable CDROM (I don't have time to burn it, sorry).

> Steve perhaps ?

I think can do this.  (I can definitely do the binary CD's, I'm not
100% sure I can dig up the space for a complete archive to do the
source ones.)

Let me know what is needed and when.


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