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Release Notes


I could not get my SparcStation 1+ to boot via TFTP from a linux TFTP
server without using the command

arp -s ip# mac#

in addition to the rarp -s ip# mac# command.  Without the above arp
command, the sparcstation would only partially load the boot image or not
load the image at all (resulting in a series of TFTP connect messages on
the TFTP server).  I believe the arp command should be added to the
release notes in the disks directory.

Also, for less experienced linux TFTP server administrators, perhaps we
should include something about uncommenting the tftpd and bootpd lines in
inetd.conf and SIGHUP'ing inetd, since these lines are commented in the
standard Debian distribution.

Jake Griesbach
University of Colorado

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