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ipx-cgsix and X

	that was painful. I just finished installing SLINK onto my ipx via ftp.
( I had to gateway through anothe linux machine with a 14.4 modem, I
wouldn't recomend it ) Things seem to be going well so far but I need a
little help. First which X server should I chose ( dont know what color
depth a cgsix will support ) and I am having trouble with MAKEDEV. I
installed the 8 bit serverand X fails to start becausse there is no
/dev/kbd. MAKEDEV fails to build /dev/kbd with the error " I dont know
how to make device "kbd". 

	Also I need to make a link for /dev/mouse but I dont know what device
to link it to. This is my first real experience with the Sparc machine I
am using  sun type 4 keyboard ( reported at boot up ) and the mouse (
sun 3 button optical ) that is atached to it.

Thank you for any  pointers you might be able to give

Dan Urbach

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