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NIS and gdbm

Stephan Wiehr writes:
 > Hi!
 > Anybody who got NIS working? 
 > I tried to setup a Sparc1/Debian-Linux as NIS client (version 3.3.1-1) with
 > a Sparc2/SunOS4.1.3 as NIS server and it just wouldn't work, other
 > SunOS4.1.3 clients work fine. 

I am also interested to have a NIS working NIS. The nis package from
frozen seem to be broken. With this package installed, I can even
boot. I got

Starting NIS services: ypbind 

and then the machine hang forever.

At frist I think the problem come form the NIS server (my sparc/Linux
is the client) but other machines have nis running without problem.

The only way to get out is to telnet to the machine and kill all the
ypbind processes (There are 6, is it normal ?)

By the way, my sparc IPC now just _scrawl_ launching even a simple vi
(minimal buil) take several second. Linux is suppose to be faster the
solaris, but actually it is at least twice as slow ?

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