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Re: ipx-cgsix and X

John Chapman wrote:
> On Thu, 21 Jan 1999, Daniel Urbach wrote:
> > into an unstable condition and I have to go and Kill xdm for things to
> > work Correctly. Running start x produces the same error that Neil Levine
> > mentioned on the list ie: sunMouseProc ioctl VVIDGFORMAT: invalid
> > argument
> >
> >
> > Any suggestions ?
> Sorry :-(  I can't really say what to do here.  I have a type 5 keyboard
> and mouse (in case that makes any difference), and I never had any
> messages of this sort.  This weekend I can try attaching a type 4 k & m,
> and see if that makes any difference.  FWIW, I haven't tried using xdm
> on this machine yet.
> Just for "fun": have you ever tried the SLXT net booting thing?  It will
> boot your machine as though it were an X terminal.  It's not hard to set
> up; the instructions are clear, and there are scripts which do most of the
> boring stuff for you.  The point:  it may or may not use the same X
> server, and if you find that it works with no problems, then you have
> another clue, of a sort.  If it runs with no problems, then the source of
> your difficulties is probably the particular X server you're trying to
> use.  There might be another (older?) one out there which works better.
> Best wishes!

Thank you for the reply,
	I had never intended to run xdm and have never done so on any of my
previous Linux Install ( must be 15  on at least 5 various  i386
machines ) it was throwed in there by Debian by default. just for info 
GPM complains about unknown ioctl's for a list  ( probably 8 of them
when it starts up ) and runs   but does not apear to work. I have a
further question, I have 3 other video  cards that came with this
machine, A gxtra? ( it is a SUN card ) that has a weitek power 9000 chip
on it , one that just says GX and has a very large sun ( by att ) chip
on it and one that I cant realy identify... apears to be made by visual
technologies with a "BT463" chip on it... if memory serves it calls
itself an OAK when the system boots. is it possible that any of theses
video cards might provide me with more color depth or use a differant


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