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Re: missing/back revved unstable packages

>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Dunham <dunham@cse.msu.edu> writes:
    Steve> If you want to do the gnome stuff, talk to me first.  There
    Steve> is a libtool bug that require a patch to ltconfig in most
    Steve> of the packages.  (Search for LSB and replace it with
    Steve> [LM]SB.)  Also, I have a patch to the libzt stuff in
    Steve> gnome-libs that works around an UltraSparc problem.

Do you consider gtk/glib part of Gnome?  My short list right now
includes fvwm2, libgtk & dependencies (so I can build mozilla) &
whatever sgml stuff I find missing.  Guess I'll just start lobbing
things onto master as I do them.

On a related note, there'll be a new ibcs package for 2,2 shortly as
I've finally moved away from Solaris as my primary work machine but I
still need the emulation.

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