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Aurora serial cards

Hello All,
	I have a semi successful install of Debian Linux on my Sparc ipx, and I
have one small thing I need to do yet. It seems as though the old Sparc
will only support Serial speeds of 19200 and I have it connected to a
Practical periphials  28.8 modem. This Sparc also came with a Four port
Aurora serial port. ( Sbus addon card ) Does anyone have any experiance
with using this device under Linux ? I dont seem to be able to access
the device as a standard serial port and the online users manual 
referances some proprietary software drivers. Is this card supported? Do
I need differant drivers or can it be accessed natively ? I would very
much like to be able to use it as it is a 38400 device which would
better suite my modem. Any and all input apreciated.

	One other issue, Can I add a SCSI cdrom to  this setup ? I  know it
would have to be external as there is but a single internal bay in the
IPX but I have heard rumors that the SUN cdrom's require a special boot
parm ? would I be able to use any old SCSI cdrom and just not be able to
boot from it ? 

thank you all, you have been a grat help to me

Dan urbach 

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