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Re: sunmouse, eject-floppy, booting

> Get the ``eject'' package and type ``eject floppy''.


> > (3) I'm still looking for a way of booting Linux from a hard drive ...
> Go into the PROM monitor, get into ``new command mode'' and type ``boot disk''.
> You will need SILO to be set up properly, of course.

I have Linux on the disc with ID 0. If I type "boot /sbus/esp/sd@0,0"
(or various equivalents) I get "Bad magic number in disk label".

Is SILO not capable of installing whatever magic the PROM demands? Is
it possible to tell the PROM not to be so fussy?


PS. Any clues about how to get X to work? Can anyone e-mail me an
example XF86Config or tell me how to find out what video card I have?
It's a SPARCstation 2. There's another one with a different video card
that I could swap, if necessary ...

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