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Decision on slink sparc sources

On Mon, Feb 15, 1999 at 02:39:07PM +0100, Christian Meder wrote:
> Ok as far as Debian/Sparc is concerned I propose the following scenarios:
> Scenario 1 (my preferred scenario)
> The sparc and glibc2.1 specific fixes which aren't yet incorporated in the
> slink source packages won't be flagged as important to avoid recompilation of
> some 50 (and up) packages on all other architectures which could lead to 
> newly introduced bugs and a delay of the slink release. Instead we leave all
> sparc and glibc2.1 specific fixes which haven't made it into slink open until
> the next _stable_ release assuring that everyone can get the source patches 
> for the Debian/Sparc slink release from the BTS. This fact will be 
> documented prominently in the Sparc release notes. Maintainers are allowed 
> to set the severity to fixed if they fixed the bug in unstable but they
> are _not_ allowed to close the bug report (causing the patch to vanish 28 
> days after the closure). Additionally (if necessary) I could provide a
> tarball of all source sparc patches for inclusion on the CDs. 
> In this scenario I would send followups to all affected bug reports and 
> reopen some bug reports which are already fixed in unstable. 
> sorry, Joey Hess ;-) 
> _After_ the release of slink I would raise the severity of all these bug
> reports to important (they are pretty important then because Joel will
> introduce glibc2.1 on i386 too).
> Scenario 2
> I'll raise the severity of all open glibc2.1 and sparc specific fixes to 
> important and cause a major headache for the project. We would get some
> 50+ important (and release critical) bugs but after fixing them we can 
> assure that the source packages compile on all released architectures
> _without_ patches from the BTS.
> Thoughts ? Opinions ?

Ok, as there was _no_ input on this topic I'll go with the first 
solution. I'll start filing the bug reports tomorrow. They'll get 
a header like '[Debian 2.1 sparc source fix]' and some explanatory text.

Don't come shouting at me later. You had your chance to voice opinions ;-)



Christian Meder, email: meder@isr.uni-stuttgart.de
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