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Re: Missing Sparc packages in the last packages

On Wed, 17 Feb 1999, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
> Seriouslsy, what package which Provides: www-browser (chimera2 does not, does 
> anyone know why?) could be installed in the basic installation? It has to be 
> something usable, not an experimental toy. (chimera2 says 'This is an 
> alpha-test version'.)

I have given this issue some serious thought, and experimentation.

IIRC, amaya, arena and chimera all work fairly well on non-frames sites.
I think one of them even managed slashdot (I can't remember which).

I almost got as far as a) starting to work for mnemonic or express or b)
starting my own browser (as James has :-), when a friend of mine expressed
the opinion that mozilla is actually jolly good, and will be with us

So, I put the whole worry on hold, pending a reasonably stable functional
DFSG-free mozilla either appearing, or becoming clearly vapourware.


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