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Re: New netscape packages

Dave Broudy wrote:
> Does anyone have the new netscape debs working? I'm trying to run them on
> a 2.2.0 kernel, when I start netscape, starts creating the .netscape
> directory but hangs part way through. I've let if run for 10 or 15
> minutes, and the SS2 isn't *that* slow. I've also tried it on a .netscape
> directory that is already initialized, but that doesn't work either. The
> only response that I can get is if the .netscape/lock file exists, it will
> give the "already in use" error box (after which I delete it of course)

Both Netscape Communicator and Navigator work on "my" sparc system,
I did test that before uploading the packages. The machine is a
SUNserver 630MP with 4 CPU's and 128 MB memory running Linux 2.1.130
SMB from CVS...

I have also started Netscape Navigator successfully on a SS2 with 32MB


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