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dbootstrap segfaults on "Configure the Base System"

On Thu, Feb 18, 1999 at 08:39:43PM +0100, Alexander Shumakovitch wrote:
> I've looked today through the source of configure_base in dinstall and
> couldn't find anything that can fail without printing a warning message (at
> least, in version 2.1.7). Apparently the configuration stops at the very early
> stage, since even /target/etc/fstab is not written. 
I've made some additional testing and found out that dbootstrap just segfaults
while trying to "Configure the Base System". First of all, its PID changes
when it goes to the initial message. That meens, I guess, it was restarted
(the same behaviour if I kill it by hands). So I've try to execute it from VT2
and got that "segmentation fault" message I was expecting. VT2 became unusable
afterwards, so I had to boot from floppy again. 

Could it be something wrong with my hardware configuration? I'm installing
Linux on sda4. sda1 is Solaris and sda2 is swap. Are there some limitations
on that?


  --- Shurik.

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