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Re: missing/back revved unstable packages

Stephen Zander <gibreel@pobox.com> writes:

> Does someone have a stash of packages for unstable just lying around
> waiting for the Official Release before uploading, or should I just
> start filling in the gaps as I run into them?

I don't see why not.  I've uploaded a few of my own packages (dhcpcd,

> I seem to recall Steve {Dunham,McIntyre} mentioning that they hadf
> done a dbuild session but can't seem to find any mention of it now...

I don't have "dbuild" going.  I did do a manual build of a bunch of
gnome stuff and I have betas of apt 0.30 and gnome-apt on my FTP site,
but that's about it for unstable.  I think Christian Meder does a lot
of package building for the Sparc

If you want to do the gnome stuff, talk to me first.  There is a
libtool bug that require a patch to ltconfig in most of the packages.
(Search for LSB and replace it with [LM]SB.)  Also, I have a patch to
the libzt stuff in gnome-libs that works around an UltraSparc problem.

Finally, as I was told by Christian Meder, make sure you build the
libc5-altdev stuff for source packages that have that option
(apparently it is still useful to some people).


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