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Re: Price on Sparc 2

Chris Hoover wrote:

> I'm seriously thinking of purchasing this machine:
>  Sun Sparcstation 2
>  32 meg memory
>  cg3 frame buffer
>  425 meg  Hard Drive
>  Fresh install of Solaris 7
>  Type 5 keyboard and optical mouse
>  No Monitor
>  $150
> Is it worth the $150 + shipping.  The seller est. the shipping at close
> to $40.
> Thanks again for your help.
> chris

the price isn't bad for all that stuff. The SS2 works well I've several beside
some SS4, 5 and 20. Just consider to replace the HD with a bigger one. I'm sure
Solaris 7 is a bit to hangry with hw resources to run it usefully. I run Linux on
the SS2. I think, after some testings, you need at least a SPARC Classic ar
better a SS5. It's possible to find some for less than 600USD w/o 17" color

Advanced Computing - Italy

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