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Re: Gnome 0.99.4 packages

On 12 Feb 1999, Steve Dunham wrote:

> I've built some Gnome 0.99.4 packages from the stuff in potato.

Steve you're a legend!

> There a few minor problems with it - the gnome-terminal doesn't work
> (it can't get a pty for some reason - this will also break gnome-apt)
> and the "gnomecc" program dies whenever you exit from a capplet (but
> the changes do take effect anyways).

Yeah. The pty stuff will be glibc2.1 probs, I expect, since the pty
handling changed.

> The version of balsa in slink is made for a different version of gtk,
> so I left it out.  (The MDI stuff and a few other things are
> different.)
> Same story for the gnome-games (the ones in slink are ancient and
> won't compile against the new libgtk).

Yup.  These are all out-of-date, and will no longer compile.

> The panel and gnumeric seem to work well, as does the "thin-ice" theme
> (try it out, gnumeric looks really nice with the thin-ice theme).

The marble3d theme is even better - I'll post an intent-to-package
shortly.  Anyone who doesn't mind an unsigned deb with no description in
its control file can get it from www.debian.org/~jules (its arch: all).


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