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Re: Pb with Linux et Sparc 2 when booting

> > I want to install Suse Linux 5.2 on a Sun Sparc2 without CD-ROM drive .
> > So I put the SCSI hard drive on a PC, installed linux and reboot . Lilo
> > & Linux start . OK, so I put the HD on the Sparc.
> > When boot I have the following message :
> > 
> > Boot device: /sbus/esp@0,800000/sd@3,0 Files and args :
> > Bad magic number in disk label
> > Cant't open Sun disk label package
> > Can't open boot device
> > 
> > Please, can you help me ?

That error message is what you get if a disc has the wrong sort of
partition table. The same problem plagued me for ages.

If you partition a disc on a PC, you probably put an MSDOS partition
table on it. But Sun's PROM only understands Sun partition tables.

However, I think it's unlikely that you will succeed in producing a
Sun bootable disc using an x86 machine, if that's what you're trying
to do, unless SuSE specifically recommends that approach.

If you have no network connection and no CD drive, moving a hard drive
across is a reasonable way of getting all the data from one machine to
the other, but you will almost certainly need a floppy drive to boot
Linux the first time, unless you're going to do something very clever.

I recently succeeded in installing Debian GNU/Linux on a SPARCstation
2 using floppies. If you need help with that method, ask me or
debian-sparc@lists.debian.org ...


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