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Re: Silo

On Sun, 28 Feb 1999, Steve Dunham wrote:

>> I honestly don't know myself. Anybody?
>You can't build silo on i386.  There is a program somewhere called
>"intelsilo", but it's not in debian, and it might need tweaking to
>work.  Also, you must use the "second.b" file from the silo in
>incoming, or the CD will fail to boot on a large subset of machines.

Hmmm. Any idea where to look? I had a quick look using Altavista, and it
just bounced me to the redhat sparc mailing list archives, which didn't
appear to be of much use.

>I'm now set up to generate CD Images.  I mirrored master today, and
>generated a set of CD images.  The file sizes are:
>slink1.raw 309188608
>slink2.raw 676298752
>slink5.raw 391374848
>I'm going to tweak the slink1.useful list to push the bulk of the main
>packages onto the first CD.  (I'm not sure why so few packages are
>going onto the first CD...)

I'm curious, too - can you send me your lists?

>I still want the packages in incoming (kernel-* and silo-*) to make it
>into the archive before making the final images, and Eric said he was
>going to do a final run of boot floppies on Monday.


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