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Re: "Configure the Base System" goes into an infinite loop. Why?

Hi All!

I hate to reply to my own mail, but since nobody else did, I'll do.

On Wed, Feb 17, 1999 at 08:30:22PM +0100, Alexander Shumakovitch wrote:
> While trying to install Debian Sparc (boot-floppies version 1999-02-02) on
> SparcClassic today, I've run into the following problem. Everything went more
> or less fine till I was asked to "Configure the Base System". If I press
> 'Enter', the system probes the floppy drive (I can just here this) and if
> there is a floppy there, ejects it, then returns to the original start-up menu
> with choice of the display. I can then chose one, press "Continue with
> installation", read "Release notes" and end up with the same request:
> "Configure the Base System".  I've tried to go through this cycle more than 5
> times choosing color and monochrome displays --- no change. If I bypass this
> configuration, make the system bootable from the hard drive etc., then after
> the boot I have the requests to finish the configuration before going any
> further and I return to the same state.
I've looked today through the source of configure_base in dinstall and
couldn't find anything that can fail without printing a warning message (at
least, in version 2.1.7). Apparently the configuration stops at the very early
stage, since even /target/etc/fstab is not written. Now I want to bypass this
step and make the configuration by hands. Am I right, that the only thing I
should to is to copy /tmp/kbdconf to /target/root, adjust /dev/cdrom and
/dev/fd0 links (could be done later), create fstab (also easy), tweak inittab
to reflect the console choice and remove /sbin/unconfigured.sh? Among those
things only inittab can be not obvious. Could someone please send me a working
copy of that file? BTW, what's the reason to have both inittab and

Thanks in advance!

  --- Shurik.

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