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new bootdisks available for sparc/ultrasparc


  I almost finished my work on bootdisks.  I just uploaded a new set which
should fix the problem when booting on serial console and provide many new

 o  3 set of rescue/drivers disks:
    - 2.0.35 kernel for sun4[cdm] (resc1440.bin & drv1440.bin)
    - 2.2.1 kernel for sun4[cdm] (resc1440-2.2.1.bin & drv1440-2.2.1.bin)
    - 2.2.1 kernel for sun4u (resc1440-2.2.1-sun4u.bin & drv1440-2.2.1-sun4u.bin)

    root.bin is the same for all sets.

 o  2 TFTP images:
    - tftpboot.img is for booting 2.0.35 kernel on sun4[cdm]
    - tftpboot-2.2.1.img is for booting 2.2.1 kernel on sun4[cdm] *and* sun4u
      (it is using TILO to autodetect the right kernel to load (both are
       included in the image)).

Note that the base archive (base2_1.tgz) is bigger than the one from my
previous upload.  It is because it now provides the locales package (10MB

WARNING: 2.2.1 kernels are provided for convenience but are not fully
-------- supported in slink release.  Especially, boot messages from sysvinit
are not sent to serial console (if booting on a serial console).  Anyways you
can get a login prompt on it (if you could go so far).

I tried these bootdisks on sparc2 (64MB memory, 424MB HD) using serial console
& SparcClassic (24MB memory, 200MB HD) using framebuffer, both RARP+TFTP and
floppy boot methods.

Reports of un-/successful installations will be highly appreciated (send your
reports to the debian-sparc mailing list).


PS: there is no more dedicated sparc release notes in this upload.  I didn't
    have time to fix it and it is a bit out of date now.  The main
    boot-floppies documentation should be authoritative.  It is not fully
    up-to-date for sparc actually, but I will review it and will help
    Adam to fix it ASAP.

 Eric Delaunay                 | "La guerre justifie l'existence des militaires.
 delaunay@lix.polytechnique.fr | En les supprimant." Henri Jeanson (1900-1970)

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