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boot floppies

After searching for a long time, eventually I stumbled upon:


(Why isn't it easier to find boot floppies starting from

sparc_release_note.txt says I should get root1440.bin; but I only found
root.bin, which is less than 1440 kB.

When I tried typing "boot floppy" at the "ok" prompt on a SPARCstation
2 (processor 4/75; when I type "boot" I get SunOS 4.1.3) the system
looked at the floppy, then said "Can't read disk label". (This was with
resc1440.bin in the drive, of course.)

Can someone help me, perhaps by pointing out the latest installation

(I checked that my floppy isn't obviously broken by reading the image
back again and diffing it.)


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