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new X packages broken :(

Paulo Henrique Baptista de Oliveira writes:
 > 	Hi everyone,
 > 	I upgraded X (xfree86-common) in my Sparc 4 and now I cant use X anymore.
 > 	And cant downgrade to X with a mirror less updated.
 > 	When I type startx the prompt returns.
 > honolulu:/home/IA/baptista# startx
 > (using VT number 7)
 > waiting for X server to shut down .....

It seems that you don't have a window managerr or a xterm installed.
In such a case, X will exit immediately. The new xbase package has now
been splitted into several packages, among them are xterm and twm (the
wondow manager) packages, so you have to intalled them separately. The
advantage is that you can install a different window manager and a
replacement of xterm (such as rxvt).

Also check the file /etc/X11/window-managers. By default it contains
nothing so even if you have a window manager installed, it may not be

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