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Gnome-apt for sparc (Re: slink release (and status discussion))

Christian Meder <meder@isr.uni-stuttgart.de> writes:

> The slink release of Debian/Sparc is drawing near ...

> Starring:
> Eric Delaunay, the fearless master of the boot floppies
> Steve Dunham, general hacker (I really mean hacker) on the bleeding edge

With some really screwed up priorities.  I just spent 6 hours getting
the "zvt" stuff in Gnome to work on Ultras.  (This makes gnome-apt and
gnome-terminal work.)  Apparently fd passing was broken, because the
32-bit sendmsg() and recvmsg() kernel calls were screwed up and
difficult to fix.  Needless to say I learned a lot about the kernel
today (and I'm very happy now that I have gnome-apt on my Ultra).

Anyways, anyone who is interested can grab gnome-apt and apt-0.3.0 for
the sparc from my ftp site (along with my gnome 0.99.4 compilation).
Be warned that apt-0.3.0 is beta - it is better than the older version
in many ways, but lacks ftp support. 

The apt magic is: (choose one)

deb http://ftp.cse.msu.edu/debian gnome/
deb ftp://ftp.cse.msu.edu/debian gnome/

Note that Ultra users won't be able to use this stuff until I clean up
my kernel patch and make it available. 

Oh yeah, and back on topic: I have a patch for slink_cd, but I want to
upgrade to the latest version of slick_cd and test it before I hand
out patches.  I'll have it tested by the end of the week.  (After
Anders' X packages make it into the archive, I'll make some test
images available.)


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