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Re: Missing Sparc packages in the last packages

Jules Bean <jmlb2@hermes.cam.ac.uk> writes:

> On 16 Feb 1999, James Troup wrote:

> > Stephane Bortzmeyer <bortzmeyer@debian.org> writes:
> > 
> > > Mozilla does not appear. This is a serious problem because it is the
> > > only graphical Web browser in "main".
> > 
> > Que?  What do you think arena, chimera2, gzilla and w3+xemacs are?

> And amaya, although I don't know if we have that for sparc (haven't
> checked).

> Amaya has the distinction of doing frames.

I haven't (and won't) compile the old version of amaya in slink for
the Sparc, but there is a copy of 1.4a for the sparc in potato.


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