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[no subject] ae 962-30.0 uploaded Another package ported Re: autobuilder Away building packages A common Policy for porting pthread application Re: Compiling GNUMach Completely OT Re: cross-apt Crypto (was: The Hurd F2 iso images available) current status of the archive dpkg-checkbuilddeps brokeness e2fsprogs 1.20 release candidate Easy guide to ELF err-log /etc/cron.daily/standard: the df issue again exim exim compiled 3.13 compiled on hurd F2 CDs -> dependencies ftpfs ftpfs and updatedb gcc-3.0 gcc: installation problem, cannot exec `cpp0' getsockopt() hurd/glibc mismatch glibc status Got Hurd X11 to start... some issues though. gpm build Hard drive I/O errors Help and task lists Hurd as router/NAT Re: Hurd F1 ISO and booting hurd-F2 - final stages. The Hurd F2 iso images available Hurd FAQ Hurd friendly Makefile needs hacker documents HURD Logo (again again) Hurd Orientation The Hurd package system Hurd partiton weirdness Re: Hurd Roadmap for Woody Release Hurd's Intent to port getty Is it wise to try hurd at mobile computer? La Revue Humaniste 3e millénaire : Objectifs Just tried tarball+apt-get method keyboard under X Kipix(r) va vous aider a VENDRE PLUS... Known bugs about gnumach ide and scsi part and hurd-isofs-translator? libc FW: looking for cvs, cvsweb info for Re: LSH 1.2 works on systems that lack /dev/random? Lynx compiling lynx not stopping mandate ldconfig -X? More glibc More packages ported Re: mount? Naming? newbie wants to try the hurd New status web pages Re: none (no subject) no way to boot openssh on hurd Re: oskit-mach boot failure report OSKit-Mach sources OT: legal advice Packages not included pfinet.multi Plex86 and Kernel Debugging porting issue Q: Problem with the keyboard (not under X) and other questions Recompile needed for 2.2r4 RPM-based Hurd distro (was : Re: Hurd F1 ISO and booting) Savannah and sourceforge sending the full log message Some feedback on Hurd-F2 Re: status Status of ppp Success with Hurd XFree86 - Notes Symlink to homes trouble with Lynx turtle - online again Where can i find the latest source code Re: Where can I get Hurd CD-ROMs? While starting the xserver ... whoever uploaded openssl WWW.HURD.RU X11R6 -> . /X11R6/lib xfree86_4.0.3-3_hurd-i386.changes INSTALLED XFree on Hur X server on 810 chipset Re: Xterm library failure... you need the grub boot loader Ʈ, ... The last update was on 20:09 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 349 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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