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Re: Success with Hurd XFree86 - Notes

Here's where I got the info for the mouse setup.


Well, I finally got my copy of "Programming Under Mach"
from an out of print book dealer. Adding this to my shiny
new copy of "Debugging with GDB," I am getting dangerously
close to being able to port some programs to Hurd :-)

I never did fully understand how to make a proper deb though. I
have compiled tons of tarballs in Linux to /usr/local but am still
pretty mystified as to where stuff should go in a real deb.

Well, time to brush up on the subject I suppose.

- Doug

Jim Franklin wrote:

> could you send me the url for the mouse message below and I'll get it
> published with the xwindows info at hurd.gnu.org
> Thx
> Jim
> -----Original Message-----
> Also, I dug this out of the mailing list archives, but maybe
> it should be added to the Hurd FAQ
> --- <snip> ---
> Q. How do I set up my PS/2 mouse with XFree86
> A. First start the translator like this:
>    settrans -cg /dev/mouse
>    chown root /dev/mouse
>    chmod 444 /dev/mouse
>    settrans /dev/mouse /hurd/mouse --protocol=ps/2
>    Then edit the Pointer section of /etc/X11/XF86Config
>    Section "Pointer"
>       Protocol "osmouse"
>       Device   "/dev/mouse"
>    EndSection

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