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Re: Some feedback on Hurd-F2

Marcus Brinkmann wrote:

> > Third, there were some dependency probs with Xfonts packages and xutils:
> > xfonts-base, xfonts-75dpi, xfonts-100dpi and xfonts-scalable require
> > xutils >= 4.0.3, but the version on the CD is 4.0.3
> I don't see a conflict?

My mistake. I meant to say xutils 4.0.2.

> > After compiling the xutils source package from Debian's ftp server, the
> > fonts packages did install normally.
> The latest xutils is 4.0.3-3 and is in the ftp archive.  I don't know
> the CD, maybe Phil can tell us.  I think I updated xutils only after the
> was created, so it might contain an old version of xutils.

Also the X core packages on Hurd-F2 are still 4.0.2. Except for the
mentioned above font packages.

> > Finally, concerning the mouse under X I tried to follow the instructions
> > from Marcus' freeX article (settrans -c /dev/mouse /hurd/mouse
> > -protocol=microsoft -device=com0). In XF86Config I set protocol to
> > "osmouse" and device to "com0". However, X would crash informing me

(Another mistake: I meant to write /dev/mouse, not com0)

> > about a failure to initialize a core device. With the conventional
> > settings (device=com0, protocol=microsoft), X starts up normally,
> > although mouse movements are somewhat retarded.
> Can you tell us what "cat /dev/mouse" and wiggeling the mouse does for

I'll try when I'm back home.

> > Hope, these remarks are not completely useless.
> Absolutely not.  Thanks a lot.  In fact, we want more of those ;)

Good. Well I experienced probs with some packages that would not install due
to missing dependencies. One of them is tkman. Maybe not a crucial program,
but the best man viewer I know. It wants rman which misses on Hurd-F2. The
Debian/unstable source package of rman compiles normally on Hurd, but there
is no pre-compiled deb yet on the Debian server.

I don't know how dependancies are checked before building the ISO images.
But I have the impression that this could still be improved. Also, I don't
know who is responsible for providing the Hurd binary deb for a package. Is
it the respective package maintainer? If so, the should maybe be urged, not
to ignore the Hurd platform.



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