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Re: ftpfs and updatedb

On Fri, May 18, 2001 at 11:23:39AM +0200, Oystein Viggen wrote:
> Quoth Joost van Baal: 
> > use something like PRUNEPATHS="/not/thisone/please" in /etc/updatedb.conf
> Won't work in the general case, as users can set up their own
> translators basically wherever they want. (they can, can't they?)
> It helps for now, though.

This is a fundamental problem.  stat on a filename will give you
the information if the node is translated or not.  You can then make
a decision what to do:  Follow the node? Skip it? Record the translator
setting?  This is the problem with ls -F/--color, tar, etc.

Programs not aware of the Hurd will always follow the node, because they
don't see the translator.  This is usually the correct behaviour.

If you use hostmux with ftpfs, the directory will appear to be empty
(ls /ftp returns an mepty directory, ls /ftp/ftp.debian.org the debian ftp
archive) etc.  This helps a bit.

In general, we will have to implement special Hurd support in programs
like tar, with options that make it possible to control how translators
should be treated.  Like you need to special case device files and /proc
and mount points. Just that we need finer control because translators do so
much more things (potentially at least).


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