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Re: RPM-based Hurd distro (was : Re: Hurd F1 ISO and booting)

First post!
> Well, I had only been using RPM-based Linux distibutions before I tried
> the Hurd, so I can understand how dpkg can seem confusing to you at first.
> OTOH, if you keep on learning how to use it, I think you will find that
> there isn't anything that makes rpm better than plain dpkg ; anything that
> can be done with rpm can also be done with dpkg. There isn't so much to
> learn to be able to use dpkg for debs installing either.
> Trying out the Hurd got me to learn about apt and to switch to Debian for
> GNU/Linux work ; IMHO apt-get and friends are clearly superior to anything
> RPM-based. OK the Hurd cannot yet benefit from the mighty apt, but I'm
> it will work in the future...

A little comment.
I have read somewhere that atp-get and friends ARE capable of using
But that is quite off-topic here..

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