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Re: gpm build

On Thu, May 24, 2001 at 01:15:52AM -0400, Igor Khavkine wrote:
> Hi, I noticed on your debian page that turte was trying to
> build gpm. That will not work. I took a look at that package
> a while back. It contains too many linuxisms. The author
> even says somewhere in the comments somethink like
> "it doesn't matters, since this code was never designed
> to be portable anyway."

Still, it shows that there is a defect in tat gpm declares itself as
"Architecture: any", while it is only "Architecture: i386 alpha ...."
or 'Architecture: linux-any" as I prefer to say.

> So it would be a better idea to write a new mouse daemon
> for Hurd, preferably one that works with the new "soon" to be
> ready multiplexing and color-supporting term server (colortext,
> was it?).

Of course.  But note that nobody seems to be working on colortext right now.
This doesn't mean it's not the right thing to do, though.  It is.


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