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exim compiled 3.13 compiled on hurd

Hi ,

 Today I compiled exim of version 3-13 succesfully on my hurd box. I need to
create some temp links on  /usr/lib for achieving this. Below is the list of
things i did

Compile db2. Interesting there is no make install.
remove  exim_monitor from builddirctory/Makefile make if ( make if
EXIM_MONITOR= ) .Other wise it looks for Athena widgets header file which i
was not able to locate for hurd
export INCLUDE=-I"db2 build directory" . On my box it looked
create libwrap.so sym link in /usr/lib packaging issue with libwrap
create libpam.so sym link in /usr/lib  packaging issue with libpam
change DBMLIB="-L/home/guest/db2 -ldb2
install libpam0g-dev
install libwrap-dev
create libperl.so symlink in  /usr/lib packaging issue


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