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Re: OT: legal advice

> Please do not ask for or provide legal advice for non-free
> products on this mailing list.

Actually I was asking for legal advice for free software.  I do
not want to limit by personal oppurtunities to write free
software, which is why I was asking for advice.  This wasn't to
do with something about my company working on non-free software
and being forced to partner with a non-free company, it was
something to do with me in my personal life wanting to legally
be free to write whatever software I choose for whatever purpose
I like.

Yes, I happen to also work on some software which is not free.
I am sorry for that.  Unfortunatly as hard as I try I do not see
a way for me and my partner to buy food if we invest time in
creating a game that people can get without giving any money to
us.  If I don't make money my fiancee won't be too happy with me
and force me to get a paying job..

Sorry for posting to the list.  I was just going to ask Jeff if
he knew of a lawyer to talk to, but I thought I'd ask on the
list incase there was somebody else who could help or knew
somebody who could help.  I only intended to post the first off
topic question, but it seems I have to follow it up with an
appology.  End of thread for me.

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