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Re: cross-apt

On Tue, May 08, 2001 at 10:07:11AM -0700, Ian Duggan wrote:
> Our two methods are very similar, except that I rely on apt to do all
> the work, and you record what apt would have done and drop down to the
> dpkg level after the package fetch.

yeah. once you pointed out the remote-apt documentation, I realized there
was pretty much only one reasonable way to do that part :) the dpkg-logger
is programming overkill, but hey, you have to work in the medium where
you're most comfortable.

now, here's a question: does oskit-mach support pcmcia? time for more
research. either way, rebuilding mach seems like a good project, since my
intent is to eventually work on it or the hurd eventually.

> Thanks for posting your stuff.

don't encourage me, I'm inordinately proud of all my hacks already.

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