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Re: F2 CDs -> dependencies

On Tue, May 08, 2001 at 11:01:50AM +0000, Philip Charles wrote:
> It is now possible to identify packages that will not install because of
> dependency problems.  I have been looking closely at the *_hurd-i386.deb's
> and their equivelents in the old style archive, and could prepare a list
> of these packages with unmet dependencies.  Would this be a useful
> exercise?  Would people like further information in this list, if so what?

I think it would be useful to get a list of packages which are not
installable because they depend on a package which is available, but in a
too old version.  This way we can put more pressure on updating the package.
Because it is available, updating should be easy (this is not always the
case, but anyway).

Another interesting list would show packages which are binary hurd-i386 (not
binary all), which are not installable because of missing packages in the
dependencies.  This would point at required dummy packages or gaping

binary-all packages with missing dependencies should make the most part of
the full list, they are only of secondary interest, but maybe sorting it by
effectiveness would maybe funny (with which new package do I get a high number
of newly installable packages). 


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