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Re: Hurd F1 ISO and booting

On Wed, May 02, 2001 at 07:56:46AM -0700, Jeff Bailey wrote:
> On Wed, May 02, 2001 at 10:04:33AM -0400, Russell Francis wrote:
> > I am rather new to the list but, if you are thinking of new ways to
> > package and distribute a shiny new Hurd system I have a suggestion.
> > I used to use FreeBSD and I absolutely loved the ports collection!
> > You simply change to the directory of the program you want and type
> > make install.  It fetches the source, builds it and installs it.  It
> > was by far the easiest system to maintain ever.  I think the Hurd
> > could benefit a great deal from a system much like the BSD ports
> > collection.
> 2 things:
> 1) In what way would it benefit?

The benefit is that you can set it up to compile things optimized for your prosessor
this reminds me of the gentoo GNU/Linux distro that I stumbled accross a while back
they were using the same type of system but with GNU/Linux, seemed pretty cool
actually. Eseentially your system should be a lot faster as most packages are built
for i386.

> 2) On a working Hurd system, if you untar all of the required source
> packages, and write a master autoconf file to chain to all of the
> directories in the correct order.  If you're clever, you can ask them
> to share a cache file which will speed up the detection process, and
> chain the appropriate  --prefix, --sysdir.
> IIRC, that was one of the original visions of autoconf, was
> configuring the whole GNU system at once.  I think it basically turned
> out that few of us wanted to do that, because I've never heard anyone
> talk about it.

That's a very kewl idea and I have never thought about that...yeah GNU is an entire
system so this would make sense.

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