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Re: openssh on hurd

Quoth Jérôme Magnin: 

> finally openssh compiled ok, but the problem is that it lacks a random
> number generator to create the seeds.  I read that I could use prngd but
> I had troubles as well.
> I think I read something on this topic once on the mailing list, but I
> can find it anylonger.

You can use prngd to provide a random pool and then compile openssh with
something like --with-egd-pool=/where/you/find/the/thing as an argument
to configure.

Note that sshd will more probably crash pfinet rather than actually
work, though.  The ssh _client_ should be fine.

If you are able to debug this further, that would be great.

Ebg13 arire tbrf bhg bs fglyr..

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