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Re: Where can i find the latest source code

Quoth aneesh.kumar@digital.com: 

>  From the turtle I found lot of packages broken. So I thought of giving
> a try on my hurd box. But the  source code I get from gnu is older than
> the version that were broken. Is there any site where  I can find the
> source code of the packages  with the correct version .

If you add some deb-src lines in your /etc/apt/sources.list, you can use
'apt-get source package' to get the source.  Make sure you are using an
up-to-date mirror, and that you use the unstable branch of the

(also, apt-get build-dep is very nice for getting build-dependencies for

> Does any one have any suggestion on which packages I should start
> working. If please tell me. I can start working on something which is
> of high priority

If you could get exim and its dependencies sorted out, everybody here
would absolutely love you.  Apart from that, all packages not currently
building are worth a look, as the fact that they are in the turtles at
all means that the packages are kind of important to somebody.

Check http://www.debian.org/devel/ for more information on building
packages.  (especially make sure that you have all the build-essential

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