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Re: Hurd F1 ISO and booting

On 29 Apr 2001, Robert Bihlmeyer wrote:

> "Andreas L. Gustafsson" <ante@update.uu.se> writes:
> > Huh!? Is there two different kernels available?
> Yes, GNU Mach and oskit Mach. Debian GNU/Hurd will install the former.
> I don't think there deb packages for oskit mach, you'll have to roll
> your own. Searching the archives of this list for "oskit" should
> provide plenty of good information ... better than I could provide at
> least.

OK, I have often read that getting Hurd to run on top of many different
microkernels is one main goal. I guess it is still focused on mach
then? Probably a good at idea at this time.

> > Seriously, I do think that to make Hurd more popular and more widely used
> > we need to move away from the .deb way only as fast as possible.
> What Farid said: nobody stops anybody from doing things differently.

Nope, and if I learn how to do it, I might try.

> > The most popular Linux systems out there is still rpm based, and to
> > attract more developers to Hurd I think we need a distro based on
> > something else than .deb, but I think that this might not be the
> > best place to discuss it.
> I for one, would be interested in how deb/dpkg does not work for you.
> I think pointing out these problems is still apporpriate for a Debian
> list, as these could be genuine bugs in dpkg (i.e. we could make it
> better), things that Debian GNU/Hurd does wrong, or simply
> misunderstandings! Of course, the details of implementing a "ports" or
> "rpm" or whatever-based Hurd distributions are not really apporpriate
> here.

No, I don't think there are anything "wrong" with dpkg, but I have a hard
time getting used to it. Since I know think might not be the best forum
(are there another at all?) I asked for any sources of information to be
mailed to me, thus not cluttering up this list.

> BTW, your popularity argument has a serious flaw: the most common way
> to distribute software is not "rpm", but "zip"/"exe".

I think you are right. What I should have said was "in the 'Open Source'
movement, probably the most popular packaging system is rpm's. In order to
infiltrate the minds of all those Linux fans, wouldn't a Hurd distro based
on rpm be a nice idea for getting more of those people involved? Please
mail me any thought about this, I'd like to find out how to do it."

I have a hard time writing what I mean sometimes.


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