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Re: xfree86_4.0.3-3_hurd-i386.changes INSTALLED

Niels Möller wrote:

Ian Duggan <ian@ianduggan.net> writes:

more than 1 GB.  You must mount a seperate partition for the debian/
directory after unpacking the sources, so some manual operation is required
until we have the ~1GB filesystem limitation removed).

Does this limitation apply to paritions mounted via NFS? I would think
not, right?

Right. The limit applies to the ext2 and ufs filesystem servers (and
possibly to anything that uses a "store"?)

Since I fixed libstore to use off64_t, it should support stores
up to 2 Terabytes or so.  There is an overflow in the encode/decode
RPC interface, which still uses 32 byte, but that will be fixed later.

Any filesystem server that mmaps the whole store is limited in this way,


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