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Re: gcc: installation problem, cannot exec `cpp0'

Hi there,

Here's how you use it, first prepend /usr/i386-gnu/bin to your path, then run it.


$ cd /usr/src/myprogram
$ vi myprog.c
$ export PATH=/usr/i386-gnu/bin:$PATH
$ gcc -o myprog myprog.c

This goes for everything, just issue

$ export PATH=/usr/i386-gnu/bin:$PATH

before running configure, make, etc. Then it will make Hurd binaries.

- Doug

Marco Parrone wrote:

> hi everybody !
> i've installed the linux's package gcc-i386-gnu, that is a cross-compiler
> for the hurd, but if i try to compile a c program with it
> i386-gnu-gcc prova.c
> i receive an error:
> gcc: installation problem, cannot exec `cpp0': No such file or directory
> what should i do?

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