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Re: current status of the archive

On Wed, May 23, 2001 at 10:33:56PM +0000, Philip Charles wrote:

> I will be starting on the F3 images in a couple of weeks and it would be
> great if exim could be included.  

I have all of the build-deps for openldap2 now fixed (including the
corrected m4, which has been annoying me all day!  I thought I had
already upgraded that...)

It's building now, and probably won't finish before I leave.  In that
case, I will hopefully be able to start building exim and sendmail

I've never used exim, so someone else should probably test it.

> Is that link, or whatever, fixed in ae?

Marcus mentioned that he might look at it this weekend.  I see the
problem, I don't know the right way to fix it.

Jeff Bailey

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