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Re: Hurd's configure.in

On Sun, May 27, 2001 at 05:22:23PM -0400, Roland McGrath wrote:
> libc's aclocal.m4 has macros that appear to have the same intent as the one
> in the hurd's aclocal.m4 (I'm not entirely clear on what the point of these
> actually is).  Can you try replacing your hurd aclocal.m4 with the
> following, and changing hurd_PROC_CC -> AC_PROG_CC_LOCAL in configure.in,
> and tell me whether that works with autoconf-2.50?  If not, then libc will
> have a problem too.  Either way, we should have the same code for these
> macros in libc and in hurd (gnumach has them too).

This is not helping in any way bevause the macros defined
below still use AC_PROG_CC_GNU and AC_TRY_COMPILER have ceased
to exist somewhere in between the versions 2.13 and 2.50
of autoconf. Here are the relevant changelog entries from autoconf's

2000-10-16  Akim Demaille  <akim@epita.fr>

        * aclang.m4 (_AC_LANG_COMPILER_GNU): New macro, which unifies...
        (_AC_PROG_F77_GNU, _AC_PROG_CC_GNU, _AC_PROG_CXX_GNU): Remove.
        Adjust dependencies.
        (ac_cv_prog_gcc, ac_cv_prog_gxx, ac_cv_prog_g77): AU_ALIAS'ed.

2000-05-22  Akim Demaille  <akim@epita.fr>

        Factor the AC_PROG_<compiler>_WORKS macros.

        * acgeneral.m4 (_AC_INIT_DEFAULTS): Set `cross_compiling'.
        (AC_TRY_COMPILER): Remove.
        * aclang.m4 (AC_PROG_CC_WORKS, AC_PROG_CXX_WORKS,
        AC_PROG_F77_WORKS): Removed.
        (_AC_LANG_COMPILER_WORKS): New macro.
        (AC_PROG_CC, AC_PROG_CXX, AC_PROG_F77): Adjust.


> dnl These modifications are to allow for an empty cross compiler tree.
> dnl In the situation that cross-linking is impossible, the variable
> dnl `cross_linkable' will be substituted with "yes".
> dnl The vercheck macros are expected to have been called already.
> [AC_BEFORE([$0], [AC_PROG_CPP])dnl
> if test $ac_cv_prog_gcc != yes; then
>   AC_MSG_ERROR([GNU libc must be compiled using GNU CC])
> fi
> ])
> [AC_MSG_CHECKING([whether the C compiler ($CC $CFLAGS $LDFLAGS) works])
> AC_CACHE_VAL(ac_cv_prog_cc_works,
> AC_TRY_COMPILER([main(){return(0);}], ac_cv_prog_cc_works,
> ac_cv_prog_cc_cross)
> AC_MSG_RESULT($ac_cv_prog_cc_works)
> if test $ac_cv_prog_cc_works = no; then
>  cross_linkable=no
>  ac_cv_prog_cc_cross=yes
> dnl AC_MSG_ERROR([installation or configuration problem: C compiler cannot
> create executables.])
> else
>  cross_linkable=yes
> fi
> [whether the C compiler ($CC $CFLAGS $LDFLAGS) is a cross-compiler],
> ac_cv_prog_cc_cross, [:])
> AC_SUBST(cross_linkable)
> cross_compiling=$ac_cv_prog_cc_cross
> ])

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